UNITED FOODS INTERNATIONAL will meet and exceed your expectations for custom made foods, and help you in all stages including material procurement, cooking & processing, and packing at any quantity from a few lots to mass production.

Moreover, UNITED FOODS INTERNATIONAL provides its clients with total support including merchandising, development and production, and distribution strategy. Please do not hesitate to contact us.



Since its establishment, UNITED FOODS INTERNATIONAL as an OEM of "diet" has given "new life" to a wide variety of merchandise including freeze-dried products, spray-dried products, seasonings, breads, confectioneries and side dishes.
In response to various customers’ needs, a wide range of processing technologies allow us to customize your product just for your and meet the preferences of many different markets.


We put fitting prices to your needs into our practice.

Five major domestic plants in addition to many related cooperative and satellite plants allow for a perfect supply system that can provide specific products within a fixed time period. Updating production helps us realize a rapid and smooth supply of products. UNITED FOODS INTERNATIONAL will meet your requests regarding taste, price, and supply.