About UFI

As a worldwide comprehensive food manufacturer, we will propose a variety of solutions and create new value.

We provide a variety of solutions such as product planning and development as well as brand support in response to the needs of our customers across every area of the food industry.

UFI Solutions


Leveraging our expertise in both domestic and foreign food industries, we generate concepts that create new value for markets.

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Product Development

The expertise and industry connections of our development team are used to develop an extensive range of products.

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Our corporate group owns factories in Japan and overseas, which allows us to produce many types of food products.

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A variety of products and ingredients are mobilized daily by our experienced import/export team.

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Evidence Control

We are also capable of manufacturing food products that must meet specific standards or certification requirements, such as organic, halal, and allergen-free.

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Our innovative proposals utilize a variety of techniques ranging from standard packaging to designs with added value.

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Brand Support

We assist new food businesses by providing brand support that capitalizes on the individual strengths of our clients.

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The UFI Global Network

Our core and group factories located around the world comply with international safety standards. We can provide global support for your business.

Our Values

#1 UFI in Society

Hiroyuki Aoki (President and Representative Director)

#2 Planning and Development Capabilities

Kenji Maruta (Director of Global Marketing)

Harumi Yoshikawa (Assistant Director of the R&D Center)

#3 Commitment to Quality

Kazunori Uchino (Director of the Production Control Department's R&D Center)

Daiki Nishida (Plant Manager for Sefco Foods Co., Ltd.)

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