UFI Solutions #1


Leveraging our expertise in both domestic and foreign food industries, we generate concepts that create new value for markets.

We provide support to businesses across the food industry, from creating added-value plans for supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurant chains, and food manufacturers to launching food-related projects for companies from other industries. Based on trends and market status as well as the client's customer base, our plans go beyond mere product development to consider every detail, such as operational improvements and how the product should be displayed and sold. We also satisfy customer demand for reduced food costs and stable product quality.

Some of the customer needs we've fulfilled

Store remodeling

"We want to create a stylish store where customers can get excited, like supermarkets overseas." —a supermarket

Joint development of a product

"We want to jointly develop a novel product that we can't achieve on our own." —a major food manufacturer

Newcomers to the food industry

“We want you to utilize our connections to expand our business into the food sector and develop it on a global scale." —a foreign e-commerce company

Some of the plans we've proposed

Plans that meet the needs of retailers

  • A proposal for an original Hawaiian barbecue sauce sold near the cash registers of convenience stores
  • Product designs that make a shop resemble a foreign supermarket

Product proposals that leverage trends and marketing data

  • Planning and development of a seasonal menu that reflects trends observed at restaurant chains
  • Planning and development of an original stew in response to demand from customers
  • Development of a gluten-free dessert in order to acquire health-minded customers

Supporting the development of new brands and products

  • Collaborating with a major beverage manufacturer on a product development project
  • Supporting the launch of a European perfume company's food brand
  • Planning and developing an original protein shake for a sports gym

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