UFI Solutions #2

Product Development

The expertise and industry connections of our development team are used to develop an extensive range of products.

While everything essentially revolves around our development team, collaboration with group companies and business partners enable us to create a wide variety of products. And since our product development integrates the worlds of manufacturing and sales, our results have the advantage of being highly feasible. For many of our projects, product development involves utilizing the recipes of the client and working together with them to support the development of food products that everyone has tried at least once, such as the sauce used at major fast-food chains, the dressing used at supermarkets, the powdered soup used in instant foods, and the seasoning used in sweets.

Some of the customer needs we've fulfilled

Developing a Side Menu

"We want you to develop a side menu that matches best with our coffee, which is our store's signature product." —a major coffee shop

Streamlining the Preparation Process

"In order to simplify the process of preparing food and to standardize the taste at each of our stores, we would like you to prepare our store's signature sauce in advance and provide to us.” —a franchise restaurant

Developing a New Private-Brand Product

"We want you to develop a new private-brand product that has a flavor on par with what is available from major food manufacturers." —a major supermarket

Some of the products we've worked on

  • Liquid flavoring (broth, sauce, dressing)
  • Powdered flavoring (powdered soup, sweets flavoring)
  • Flour mixes (okonomiyaki flour, hot-cake mix)
  • Powdered drinks (soup, sports drinks)
  • Retort pouches (curry, stew, rice-bowl ingredients)
  • Chilled bottle beverages
  • Baked confectionery
  • Side dishes
  • Tablets

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