UFI Solutions #3


Our corporate group owns factories in Japan and overseas, which allows us to produce many types of food products.

One of UFI's biggest advantages is owning our own factories in Japan, the United States, China, and Indonesia. All of our plants have obtained the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification, and we also collaborate with group factories that have been awarded FSSC 22000, the industry's highest manufacturing certification. This allows us to use the factory appropriate for each product so that we can manufacture it to the highest standards of quality.

The UFI Group's Manufacturing Network

S•Tec Tsukuba Factory

Sefco Foods


Some of the products we've worked on

Powdered Soups

Corn soup, potage, wakame seaweed soup, egg soup, powdered miso, etc.


Broths for yosenabe, miso chankonabe, shio chankonabe, kimchi nabe, soy-milk nabe, etc.

Liquid Flavoring

Sauces for barbecued meat and hamburger steak, ramen soup, udon broth, base for pickled vegetables, etc.

Side Dishes

Meat and potatoes, chicken stew, potato salad, curry, mackerel simmered in miso, etc.

Rice Bowls

Sliced beef bowl, chicken and egg bowl, chukadon, etc.


Red and white French, Japanese sesame, Italian with perilla, Chinese, etc.

Powdered Sports Drinks

Lemon, grapefruit, acerola, etc.

Tablet Candies and Health Foods

Mint tablets, health foods, etc.

Baked Goods

Nan, pita, focaccia, calzones, etc.

Gelatin and Pudding

Fruit gelatin, almond jelly, custard pudding, chocolate pudding, etc.

Baked Confectionery

Sponge cake, pound cake, muffin, madeleine, financier, etc.

Frozen Sweets

Chiffon cake, Mont Blanc, decorated cake, Swiss roll cake, sectional cake, etc.

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