UFI Solutions #4


A variety of products and ingredients are mobilized daily by our experienced import/export team.

We oversee the import and export of products and ingredients, a process which is indispensable for global expansion. Due to our experience moving food products to over twenty countries, we are familiar with international trade regulations. We can also import the ingredients best suited for each product from around the world at the best prices.

Some of the customer needs we've fulfilled

"We want to deliver the flavor at our main store to our overseas locations, where it can't be created on-site." —a chain dining restaurant

We manufactured and exported frozen cakes so that the company’s foreign locations could offer products of the same quality as its Japanese stores. By simply thawing and serving the cakes, the overseas stores were able to provide a delicious taste identical to that available in Japan.

"We want to use straight juice rather than juice from concentrate." —a food manufacturer

We utilized our network to procure juice ingredients so that the company could produce the higher-quality product it desired.

"We want to control our food costs.” —a food manufacturer

We can help companies reduce costs and achieve uniform quality. For example, we had one of our contracted farms overseas partially process its corn, which we then imported so that a company could use it in its corn soup.

"We want to take the food products we create at our company and distribute them overseas." —a food manufacturer

We've exported umami seasoning made from natural ingredients such as katsuobushi bonito flakes extract and mushroom extract as well as acerola juice containing natural vitamin C in an effort to reach vegetarian and health-minded customers.

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