UFI Solutions #6


Our innovative proposals utilize a variety of techniques ranging from standard packaging to designs with added value.

UFI offers total support ranging from plan proposals to finished product, which means that you can place a single order that covers everything—even the packaging. What's more, our product concepts and added-value packaging keep the customer base in mind, allowing a release of products that will make brand-new impressions.

Some of the customer needs we've fulfilled

Packaging for a new brand

"We want to take our food items and turn them into products under a new brand." —a food manufacturer

Developing innovative packaging

"We want to create an interesting package design that adds value." —a supermarket

Checking for contaminants

"We want to inspect ingredients from overseas for contaminants then package them for distribution in Japan." —a food manufacturer

Your products can be delivered in a variety of different packaging.

  • Sticks, resealable pouches, sealed plastic pouches, pillow pouches
  • Boxes
  • Vacuum-sealed, refrigerated, or frozen
  • Plastic bottles, glass bottles, or cans
  • Cups
  • Product setup
  • Environmentally-friendly packaging

Other types of packaging are also available. Please contact us for more information.

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