UFI Solutions #7

Brand Support

We assist new food businesses by providing brand support that capitalizes on the individual strengths of our clients.

UFI's expert knowledge of the food business allows us to provide comprehensive support that includes proposing plans, manufacturing products, and even determining sales routes. The assistance we provide is not limited to manufacturers or other companies within the food industry—we also actively work with those who are thinking about developing a new food enterprise, such as IT companies, cosmetic companies, apparel companies, record labels, artists and athletes, and sports teams. So whatever your plans are, feel free to contact us at any time.

Some of the customer needs we've fulfilled

Newcomers from other industries

"We operate in a different industry, but we would like to launch a new brand of food products." —an IT company

New Merchandise for Artists

"We are thinking about adding food products to the merchandise sold at concerts." —an artist's production company

Original sports drinks

"We want to launch a protein drink brand for a specific event." —a major sports gymnasium

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