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Aiming for a comprehensive
manufacturer that is needed
in the world.

Hiroyuki Aoki (President and Representative Director)

In the increasingly polarized food industry, UFI's mission is to satisfy both extremes.

I feel that the future of the food industry will be polarized between people who want cheaper products and those who want products with higher added value. At UFI, we want to make products that live up to both of those requirements. More specifically, we want to provide inexpensive and tasty solutions even to people who don't want to spend that much time or money on their meals, and we want to create food products that support people who are trying to live healthy or enjoy particular lifestyles. I think that in doing so, we can ultimately enrich the meals of a wide range of people.

Working in the food business is a chance to contribute to society.

Something else that we emphasize is our awareness of how we can contribute to society as a business. While we naturally put a lot of effort into our corporate social responsibility activities, we also want to keep that awareness in mind since our business exists within a realm that is indispensable to humans: that of food, a basic necessity of life. When we manufacture a product intended for foreign export, strong sales for that product also help protect the people who produce its raw materials and provide them to us. We have even had farmers concerned about a lack of heirs ask our company if we could take over their farms for them. Our business is not merely about sales; I feel a strong sense of duty to embrace our awareness of the issues that society faces and the significant value that our work can have toward alleviating some of them.

An opportunity-filled environment where fast growth is possible.

Two of our company's biggest strengths are an integrated system that supports the creation of food items from the planning stage through finished product as well as our 30 years of experience operating abroad, which allows us to maintain a global perspective in our business. Because our organization contains a relatively small number of people, each person has many opportunities and can continuously challenge themselves in their work environment. And because we entrust our people with important work early on, they also experience rapid personal growth. We even have positions where people can express their individual strengths, such as a good taste or sense for global trends and skills, so I hope that everyone who is considering a future career in the food industry will take an interest in our company. I think this is a very interesting work environment where young people can achieve personal growth by expanding their budding knowledge of many different topics within the food industry.

We will continue to provide the world with food items manufactured to the highest standards.

We take great pride in the items we produce, whether they are our own products, commissioned products, or products for overseas markets. Since are aware that our products in particular continue to be a global standard, I would like to capitalize on the advantages the Internet brings as we actively deliver those products to customers around the world. If we can add the power of online sales to our company's list of strengths, I believe that we can gain recognition as a comprehensive food company that is a "one-stop shop" in the truest sense of the word. As we look toward the future, I hope to continue making strides in enriching the food cultures of the world by producing appealing food products in a way that only UFI can.

Hiroyuki Aoki

President and Representative Director


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